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Most people find wallpapering to be one of the most fiddly and frustrating jobs. Build in London is proud to provide you with the finest and most affordable wall services in London! Luckily, you can benefit from an experienced staff who have had years to learn the tricks of the trade and to master a sometimes difficult craft.

We've all been there once, wrapped in a roll of wallpaper and covered in glue. So, why do it yourself and risk damaging your lovely home, when you can call in our qualified phone operators on our hotline 020 3746 5235 for a quote or just using our booking form on our site. Save yourself the blood, sweat and tears; the frustration and the hard work.

Instead, put the kettle on and dial us up! Whatever the size of the room, even the whole house, we`ll tackle it. We'll give your walls an expert, high quality finish, with no lumps, bumps or air pockets. We have all the most up to date, top of the range equipment to get the job finished for you, smoothly and quickly.

No matter how old or rough your walls, we have the equipment and the expertise to handle it. We can work with any type of surface from brick and stone to wood, plasterboard, from Georgian terraces to never before lived in new-build homes.

Choose professional wallpapering services in London 

Our top London wallpaper experts are fully trained and can help you make your dream house a reality! We will be able to advise you on current styles and trends, as well as the effects of different colours and patterns. Whatever atmosphere or style you want to achieve with each room in your home, we will be able to help.

Whether it's your office, living room or your children's bedrooms, why not browse our wide range of wallpapers, from quaint and traditional prints to the most up to date in contemporary design; from plain and simple, single colours to complex, intricate and decorative patterns. Our skilled decorators have got it all! So, get ready to start showing off to your friends and neighbours

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Or check out our excellent prices, by filling out our online service form, and we'll get back to you in a flash! Alternatively, if you can't wait to see those fantastic designs up on your walls, give us a call on 020 3746 5235 for a free quote over the phone or to arrange a consultation in person!

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