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"Excellent job! 100%! Would definitely recommend to anyone I know"

Judy Pierce, Croydon

"When the last builders we had completely messed up our kitchen, we called you straight away. They were happy to work their schedule around our unsociable hours and informed us we`d been overcharged before. Their ethos of honesty and openness really stood out and when we tried to tip them they politely refused. Qualities rarely found in anyone, let alone a builder. Great work!"

Alistair Burton

"I`ve had a lot of dealings with different building companies in East London, but these guys are the only ones I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend, time and time again! I can honestly say they never fail to come through on their promises, always do a first rate job, and with plenty of time to spare. I`ve gotten to know some of the boys pretty well and I can vouch for them all. They`re stand up chaps!"

Ms. Jane McCready

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us. Can`t thank you enough for coming over on such short notice."

Tracey and Sina

"Wow! What can I say? When we left our house it was in a terrible state. Two weeks later, after our relaxing honeymoon in the Maldives, we arrived home to find the job done. They`d done a perfect job, exactly how we wanted it - better in fact - and they`d even tidied up after themselves for us! We would definitely use them again."

Steve Delaney

"Absolutely fantastic service. Knew exactly what they were doing. Consulted me on every choice. Can`t fault the job at all. Well done guys!"

Mr Stephen Gale

"I generally try to avoid having building work done at home. However, your gentlemen builders are not what I expected at all. They are so polite and well mannered. They finished the work ahead of time and cut the bill accordingly."


"I got on with the builders you provided from day one and now we`re all pretty close mates. As a wall plasterer myself, I had to call them in to help with a big job. I was surprised at the rock bottom prices they gave me and have used them again every time!"


"...There were no blemishes in the paintwork at all. These guys are perfectionists, the best of the best! We could never have imagined such fine work, let alone done it ourselves!"

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